Do You Need Pediatric Foot Care For You Child?

A child’s foot is constantly growing and developing well into their teen years, which means that it’s imperative to provide your child with proper footwear and to take certain precautionary measures to reduce their risk for deformities, pain and other problems. Providing your child with proper foot care early on can ensure that they also reach important developmental milestones.

From choosing the appropriate footwear for your child to dealing with flat feet, there are many situations that our podiatrist Dr. Caleb Roberts and his team at Magic Valley Foot & Ankle Specialists can address with gentle, compassionate and child-focused care. There are certain problems that parents may notice in their little ones. Maybe their child walks on their toes or seems to trip or stumble a lot when walking. These are scenarios that require a podiatry evaluation. Furthermore, any foot deformities such as clubfoot require immediate and early intervention from a podiatry specialist.

What To Expect At Your First Visit

During your child’s first visit, we will conduct a complete foot exam to determine what might be causing your child’s symptoms and how to best correct it. We can provide custom orthotics to provide support and balance for children with flat feet. We can also recommend appropriate footwear that can correct certain imbalances and reduce foot pain and other problems.

Foot And Ankle Exam In Twin Falls

At some point, your child may want to play sports. While physical fitness is particularly important for children, feet and ankle injuries tend to be the most common type of sports injuries. Dr. Roberts and his team can provide a comprehensive physical foot and ankle exam to determine any risk factors that could leave your child prone to injury, as well as ways to prevent injuries from happening in the first place.

Our Mission At Magic Valley

Our goal is to prevent heel pain, ingrown toenails and other problems that often befall little feet, especially active feet. Since flat feet and other conditions can leave children prone to pain it’s especially important that these problems are addressed as soon as possible. Dr. Roberts has extensive experience treating diseases, injuries and deformities that can affect children’s feet from infancy to adolescence.